Predictive Dialer- A Giant Leap in Telemarketing


The predictive dialer is the technological advancement which helps and facilitates the telemarketing industry in many ways, the technological advancement have brought many benefits to the world of telesales and telemarketing. This is the speed at which the agent can get in contact with the customers and it will be directly proportional to the success of a campaign.

Almost every business has a call center as communication with clients or telemarketing is an essential part of success. The advancements in dialers have lead us to predictive dialers, a solution that greatly increases efficiency of your call center and its agents leading to a more productive company. Predictive dialers are the latest technology in telemarketing technique and comes with a lot of powerful features.

Dialing numbers one at a time wastes a lot of time as the call may not be answered and sometimes there is a delay in picking up the call. Both of them are reduced with the help of a predictive dialer. Manually dialing calls only allows for 40 minutes of talk time, whereas with the advent of the call screening technology, 57 minutes can be properly utilized for important business. There are different software versions to support the desired requirements. Call center software should be equipped with call blending management, time zone management, the possibility to integrate the ‘do not call’ list.It is also beneficial for the customer as they can easily get in contact with an agent without connecting to a busy line. When calls are being made by the server, it is the predictive dialer who is responsible for managing all calls. When there is no response or silence from the other end of the call, the predictive dialer automatically hangs up to avoid agent time being wasted


The predictive dialer is the computer system software that is used to dial a set of telephone numbers to provide connections to agents for the purpose of a campaign or sales. The predictive dialer is cost efficient, call processing system for out bound calls and inbounds too. The predictive dialer is equipped with the capacity to screen and eliminate answering machines and busy connections. The predictive dialer makes it possible to connect the agent to the customers without wasting any time because it is efficient. The predictive dialers complete the initial work of locating the available customer. The speed at which it processes depends on the speed set by the organization or the user.

Predictive dialers are simple desktop computers coupled with voice modems or special telephony voice boards. It has many features like it can call transfer, call progress detection and many others feature which makes it more efficient and cost saving for everyone, most of the features which are not available in the voice modems traditionally, are now being now available in this predictive dialer software. The predictive dialer is not only reduces the cost and saves the money but it will also provide the improved flexibility as well which make it more efficient for the agents.